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Featuring stories by writers Jeanette Topar, Susan Buttenwieser, Manuel Martinez, and Mary Crosbie; performed by Kristen Calgaro, Rudi Utter, E. James Ford, and Michaela Morton. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones at KGB Bar on 6th June 2018.

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Fragile, French, Must Travel

by Jeanette Topar

The wine store on 72nd Street was no ordinary place. The clerks there always asked what you wanted the wine for. They asked many questions. How long were you going to store it? At what temperature? Did it have to travel? What would be served with it? The only question they didn’t ask—at least not right away—was ‘how much are you looking to spend?' They wanted to understand the reasons for your purchase first.

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by Manuel Martinez

Creager thinks that the Greenbriers are preparing for war, and has called a meeting at the bell tower to make the case for attacking them first. I’m against an attack and will do what I can to bring everyone around to my side, but no matter which way the vote goes, I won’t be attacking anybody. 

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The Wolf of Walmart

by Mary Crosbie

In the exciting future, Walmart rolls back their prices so low, that every other store closes its doors forever. Walmart’s slogan becomes: “Prices so low, you don’t want know how we do it.”

Flat-screen TV’s, retail value $799.99: They sell them for five bucks.

Laundry detergent, regularly $8.99: At Walmart? A nickel!

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The Walk, 1992

by Susan Buttenwieser

It isn’t a good week for this. That’s Mike’s first thought when he arrives at work on Monday morning and the receptionist announces that the head of Human Resources wants to see him. A different week, maybe he could have coped with it. But not this one.

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