Massive thanks to everyone who came along to this week's Liars' League NYC Official Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends Event, NEW YORK LIES! We had a huge crowd - sorry if you weren't able to snag a seat!

Special thanks to writers Manuel Martinez, Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino, Anthony Tognazzini, Jeanette Topar, and Jerry Sticker; and actors Jon Sprik, Margi Sharp Douglas, Samantha Jane Gurewitz, Denise Poirier, and Everett Goldner - as well as to everyone at 68 Jay Street Bar for making us feel so welcome.

Our next show will be on Wednesday, 1st October at our usual haunt, KGB - but in the meantime, there are still plenty of Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Events to check out - and of course, the festival itself on Sunday. For more details, see theFestival website. See you there!

AuthorAndrew Lloyd-Jones