We're excited to announce our new submission themes for 2015 - and we'd be delighted to accept stories on any of them as of this post! You might notice a couple changes below - we've extended the deadline slightly for our first theme of the new year to allow for post-holiday chaos, and we're introducing a month devoted to Flash Fiction of 1,000 words or less - the deadline for that is Tuesday, 30th June. 

Otherwise, the same rules apply - send your submissions to us at info@liarsleaguenyc.com, and for full guidelines, just see our Submissions Page. So here they are:

Entrances & Exits (Deadline, Wednesday, 7th January 2015)

Kiss & Breakup (Deadline, Saturday, 28th February 2015)

Born & Bred (Deadline, Thursday, 30th April)

Short & Sweet - Flash Fiction (Deadline, Tuesday, 30th June)

Crimes & Misdemeanors (Deadline, Monday 31st August)

Magic & Moonlight (Deadline, Saturday, 31st October)

Good luck, everyone! And we'll be annouuncing the lineup for our last event of 2014 - featuring four Hearth & Home-themed stories - early next week. Watch this space for details! 

AuthorAndrew Lloyd-Jones