Thanks to everyone who came out to Entrances & Exits last week!

The stories and recordings from the night are up on our website now, as well as a free podcast in the iTunes Store and on Stitcher – apart from E James Ford’s reading of Vito J Racanelli’s story “Do Days”, which will be broadcast by the BBC in the not-too-distant future! We’ll keep you posted as to exactly when that’ll be…

For the time being, a huge thanks to our writers, Vito J Racanelli, Mara Sonnenschein, Jeff Bender, Manuel Martinez, and Jax Bischof – and our actors, E James Ford, Amber Bogdewiecz, Ryan Ervin, Kate Chadwick, and Alex C Ferrill – and once again, thank you to all those of you who submitted this month.

We’re still accepting submissions for our next event in April – the theme is KISS & BREAKUP, and the deadline is Saturday, 28th February. As usual, full guidelines on our submissions page!

AuthorAndrew Lloyd-Jones