The Liars' League Songbook: Here We Go Again!
An Official 2018 Brooklyn Book Festival Event


Featuring stories by Mary Crosbie, Nathan Goodroe, Zeke Jarvis, and Cassidy McCants, performed by Michaela Morton, Heather Lee Rogers, E. James Ford, and Alex Gray, with music by Travis Tench and Kevin Orton. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones for the Brooklyn Book Festival in The Red Room on 11th September 2018.

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A Quick Note from the Post Apocalypse
by Zeke Jarvis

So it turns out that the post-apocalyptic world is kind of a lot like the pre-apocalyptic world. There’s a ton of waiting. Like how you’d be in school and you’d be sitting in class and the teacher would be reviewing for a test and you’d have to kind of pay attention, because you’d seen the stuff before, but you hadn’t really paid attention the first time around either, so now you’re stuck just watching and kind of listening and not really being part of the world. It’s like that all the time now.

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Axl Rosemary
by Cassidy McCants

Martha rarely comes in for a massage lately. She used to come in with Philip, Flip, her husband. Today Martha’s here for the first time in months—she’s alone, and she doesn’t know I know about the separation. But this world, our world, isn’t big. And I can feel it in her muscles; I can feel that she’s letting him go. She bought a short session today, so I get right to it.

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The Wolf of Walmart
by Mary Crosbie

In the exciting future, Walmart rolls back their prices so low, that every other store closes its doors forever. Walmart’s slogan becomes: “Prices so low, you don’t want know how we do it.”

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Everything is Kindling
by Nathan Goodroe

They are starting to suspect I am the one who burns toilet paper in the third floor stall. It is me, of course, but I work hard to cover my tracks whenever I burn. I think of it as a testament to my diligence even in the face of impulsivity.

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