The Liars' League Songbook:
An Official 2017 Brooklyn Book Festival Event


Featuring stories by Erika D. Price, Mary Crosbie, Rachel Karyo, Denis Woychuk, and C.D. Rose, performed by actors Kristen Calgaro, Matt Alford, E James Ford, Olivia Killingsworth, and Max Woertendyke, with music by Caitlin Mahoney and Travis Tench. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones for the Brooklyn Book Festival in The Red Room on 13th September 2017.


The Mall
by Mary Crosbie

Welcome to Grubman’s Accessories.  Is there something I can help you with?  We just got those tiny, adorable purses in today.  We have them in all colors: ecru, taupe, bloody.  Are you new?  You look new to me.  You have a fresh, new face.  I see a lot of same-faces in here, and they get less fresh every time I see them. 

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Refrigerator Children
by Erika D. Price

Before they had a child, they spent eighteen months hashing out several of the endless dilemmas of parenting. They wanted to have an exhaustive discussion. 

"What if it wants to shave its head?" the man said. “Or get a tattoo?"

The woman said, “A child should be allowed to do what it wants with its body."

"At age six? Seventeen? When?"


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The Rachels
by Kristen Calgaro

My DNA: I want it back. The clones? I want them gone.

The Rachel 1000 working at The Sunshine Bakery is such a bitch. I can’t go in there anymore. I hope she catches her stubby little fingers in the bread slicer. I hope she develops a life-threatening allergy to gluten. What I miss most of all are the butterscotch biscotti.

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Don DeLillo
by C.D. Rose

Don DeLillo has published sixteen novels, one collection of short stories, five plays, one screenplay and six essays.  Don DeLillo has won a Pulitzer Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a National Book Award, the PEN/Saul Bellow Award and the PEN/Faulkner Award.  Don DeLillo is not only a great American writer but perhaps the greatest living writer in America today.  Don DeLillo is the only writer we both like.

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The Mink
by Denis Woychuk

Giulia sat at the vanity table in her room. She wore red stilettos, a lush mink coat, thong panties and not much else.

“You look cute, honey,” said her mother. “All acts of love are truly blessed.”

“When I told Simon I didn’t like the first coat he bought, he ran out and got me the one I wanted. Just like that—now that he got money.”

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