Overworked & Underpaid


Featuring stories by Kurt Tidmore, Irene Zabytko, Rob Ganley, and Terese Pampellonne; performed by actors Seth James, Jon Sprik, Fances Uku and Lauren Norman.  Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones at KGB Bar on 7th November 2012. 

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Wrong Number

by Terese Pampellonne

Sandy had just gotten home from working a Barmitzvah out in Long Island.  It was the usual deal, four hours acting like an idiot for two hundred bucks. She’d led a conga line wearing plastic fruit on her head, dressed up like a nerd for the sock hop set and handed out maracas for people to shake as they lowered themselves for the limbo.  How low can you go?  Pretty low, Sandy thought.  Pretty damn low.  The worst, though, was the big band set.  The performers had to be dressed up as musical instruments and Sandy was a xylophone, which meant she had to endure people beating her with her own mallets.

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The Death Inspector General's Report

by Irene Zabytko

This is not a very smart boy. Stupid really—pockmarked and hungry. I could barely get two straight words out of his mumbling mouth.


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The Skip-Chaser's Story

by Kurt Tidmore

I guess I’d been skip-chasing about a year when the girl got killed. The job suited me. George said it made use of what he called “my feral nature.” He was the bail bondsman I did most of my work for. I met him after I got nailed boosting a car. Somebody’d written his number on the wall by the phone in the station house and I didn't know who else to call, so I called it.

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by Rob Ganley

Wind blasted off the sea and salt-spray stung his lips. As he walked, the sun broke through cloud cover and lit up wind turbines on the horizon. They fanned out to sea like a giant military graveyard. Beautiful, he thought.

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