Naughty & Nice


Featuring stories by Craig Calhoun, Joan Taylor-Rowan, Melody Nixon, Jeff Bender and Amanda Nowlin; brought to life by actors Matt Alford, Erika Iverson, Kate Chadwick, Ryan Ervin, and Maggie Lacey.  Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones at KGB Bar on 5th December 2012. 

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Boxing Day

by Amanda Nowlin

You don’t know what Boxing Day in England is all about but guess it has something to do with knocking out your mother-in-law because  she’s been in your house six days and there’s nothing left to do but throw down.


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Swimming with Seals

by Melody Nixon

“Ever since I met you I've wanted to make love to you,” I said. You looked up from the back of the shop. “Like a bull,” I added. It was a quiet Sunday, you were the only help on. You laughed and looked at your watch. Then you made up your mind and came over. “A bull with... big nads?” you asked. “Huge,” I said. The sun was coming in through our windows. You said nothing, so I told you, “it’s too hot here.”

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Saint Even's Day

by Craig Calhoun

I remember that June 25th. My little brother, Aaron, was sitting cross-legged on the carpet next to his bed. He had his beloved Castle Greyskull playset open in front of him and was holding He-Man in one hand and Skeletor in the other, re-enacting one of their confrontations at the foot of the castle’s green plastic drawbridge. He was on the verge of tears as the two antagonists crossed swords without much passion. He would stop the fight every few seconds to kiss them.

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I'd Always Been a Good Girl

by Joan Taylor-Rowan

I’d hit a rough spot and was in New York.  I was an orphan to be exact.  My father had died two years earlier from a surfeit of bile that had left us all cowering. My mother’s recent death had been a quiet expiration as if she, by contrast, had wanted to be as undemanding as possible.  I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that her last word was “sorry” – but she hadn’t even managed that, just a tiny puff of breath, my sister said, and she was gone.

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