Murder & Mayhem


Featuring stories by writers Gemma Clarke, Cassie Gonzales, Graham Buchan, and Lucas Rubio; performed by actors Kristen Calgaro, Stephen Lin, and Flavio Gaete. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones at KGB Bar on 2nd October 2013.


Closer Than They Appear

by Gemma Clarke

Along the barren plains of North Dakota, a deserted highway stretched its leaden limb into a bloodshot sky.

By its side, in the dust, an electric blue sports car lay motionless. The Porsche Panamera was fresh from the production lines in Leipzig; state-of-the-art engineering waylaid by the simplicity of an empty gas tank. Still buckled into the driver’s seat, Shayna Ray Judge was bent double, her smooth forehead pressing into the speckled leather steering wheel. She groaned as she sat up and stared at the vast expanse of nothingness extending beyond the windscreen.

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The Not Pigeon

by Cassie Gonzales

I was working as a gaffer, or a builder, or assistant to the assistant of some jerks or another, and living in a squalid one-bed outside of LA.  It took me about an hour and a half each way to get to my real shit-job, ironing, or hanging lights, or making lattes, whatever.  I did it because it was the thing to do.  It’s the kind of shit that you’re saddled with sometimes, when you got a dream.

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A Good Place

by Graham Buchan

This is the thing. I don’t want you to think I’m weird or anything. I’m a pretty normal bloke. I’ve got a wife, a dog, two lads growing up. The older one, Sean, got into a bit of trouble. He was found smoking marijuana at school. He received a very stern reprimand, which was only right. The police were called but he was let off with a warning. But he’s a pretty good lad. So is the younger one, Lionel. He’s the quiet one. But they’re both good lads

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Pedro's Promise

by Lucas Rubio

It was his voice I missed most. All I wanted was to hear his voice again. The last time I'd heard R.J. speak before the accident was at his wedding. He and Christina got married at a church close to their home in East L.A. I stood next to him as he recited his vows. He chose to read something from Scripture. I don’t remember what verses he chose but I remember the sound of his voice.

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