Mistakes & Missteps


Featuring stories by writers Jon Stubbington, Abigail DeLashmutt, James English, and Dani Rado; performed by actors Matt Alford, Roya Shanks, Seth James, and Kristen Calgaro. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones at KGB Bar on 6th April 2016.


The Shoebox

by Jon Stubbington

They found the genie in a shoebox, not a lamp.

This disappointed Georgie more than she cared to say. She liked the romanticism of the lamp, the imagery of it. A shoebox was just so... mundane. Carl pointed out that - all things considered - the very presence of the genie was, when you thought about it, fairly remarkable. The method by which it chose to convey itself was hardly anything to quibble over.

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Things to Consider While Locked in the Back of a U-Haul

by Dani Rado

While locked in the back of a U-Haul, you’ll have time to consider certain circumstances of your life. First, consider how you got here. I know, we’re not supposed to blame the victim, but let’s be honest, there are certain types of people to whom certain types of things happen; people like girls and things like getting locked in the back of U-Hauls. Considering you’re a girl and you’re on the back of this U-Haul, we’ll call that cause enough.


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Can Hermits Fall in Love?

by James English

My wife and I were vacuuming cobwebs in the basement when we got into an argument about whether two hermits could fall in love. I started it when I told her about my friend Ralph, who’d become solitary, moved to the basement, and cut off contact with his wife. “I think Ralph’s turned into a hermit,” I said.

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A Ghost Story

by A.C. DeLashmutt

For a long time, I was preoccupied with the circumstances of my death. How had it happened? I couldn’t remember. I didn’t have the kind of life that was exactly beset by perils, so it must have been a pretty regular kind of death. Not that I need anything fancy! If a car crash was good enough for Diana, it’s good enough for me. I never did drive fast, though. I wasn’t ever in a rush and I mostly took the bus. I thought maybe it was some kind of fall; I remembered a feeling of… descent. So was that it? But then how had I fallen? Down the stairs, off a ladder? Ill? 

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