Marriage & Divorce


Featuring stories by Andrew Lloyd-Jones, C.D. Rose, Daniel Guzmán, Sarah Amandolare, and Rosalind Stopps; perfomed by actors Jeff Wills, Leigh Ann Cobb, Elizabeth Murray, Amber Bogdewiecz, and Josephine Cashman. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones and Elizabeth Murray at KGB Bar on 3rd October 2012. 

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Don DeLillo

by C.D. Rose

Don DeLillo is a writer.  Don DeLillo is a great writer.  Don DeLillo is a great American writer.  Don DeLillo writes about time, apocalypse, mortality, art and corruption.  He writes about America, mass media, mass hysteria, conspiracy, the nuclear threat, terror.  Don DeLillo does Big Themes. 

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Strategies for Living in Uncertain Times

by Andrew Lloyd-Jones

I had been seeing Steve for a few months when he told me he was taking me away for the weekend. It’s a surprise, he said.

We drove upstate for four hours until we arrived at a little cabin in the woods in the middle of the night. Steve told me he had just bought it. What do you think, he said. It’s nice, I said.

But it wasn’t nice. The cabin was run down and smelled of mice and the land was overgrown and there were urgent, sudden movements in the undergrowth as we passed by.


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As Seen on TV

by Daniel Guzmán

Suzie and Phil invited me over for dinner at their place. It had been about two months since the last time I’d driven to see them, the usual stretch of time between our gatherings. As I walked up their driveway, Suzie ran up to me, flawlessly blonde and floral-printed, and gave me a hug. 

“Phil’s got something new,” she confided. “He’s been spending weeks in the garage inventing things again.”

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Hole in the Roof

by Sarah Amandolare

I’m sitting here reading the marriage announcements in the local paper. My mom is here, too. She’s wearing her robe. The thick, turquoise one my dad gave her years ago on her birthday. I remember when she opened the box. We were all surrounding her, sitting cross-legged or knees against our chests in the living room. Sun streamed through the big bay window. My brother blew his nose loudly. Our golden retriever nuzzled my mom’s thigh because he loved her best. She gently pulled back the tissue paper inside the box and smiled knowingly

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Strangers on a Train

by Rosalind Stopps

I met Neil on the Amtrak between Seattle and Chicago.  I was between marriages, and doing the tourist thing to plug the gaps in my life and work out what to do next.  Like the short film before the main feature, only I had no idea what the big film was going to be. 

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