Hearth & Home


Stories by Jennifer Sears, Christopher Green, Sarah Evans, and J.D. Petersen; performed by actors Jennifer Farrugia, Rebecca Mills, E. James Ford, and Richard Flight. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones at KGB Bar, NYC on Wednesday, 3rd December 2014.

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Fantasy Givers

by Jennifer Sears

Martin always stays with me.  That’s the first rule.  I set the limits.  That’s another rule because even when the perfect little fantasy is worked out on the phone, a gentleman asks for more.  No one ever touches me.  I don’t break laws, it’s not part of my nature, although I suspect Martin might enjoy watching some illegal action.

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The Armistice

by Christopher Green

Coming back to Bonifay always used to dial me back a few years. When I left, when I was at school up at UGA, I felt like a different animal. I felt like I could stretch out a new set of limbs I didn’t even know I had before. But when I was home, I turned back into a pumpkin—a pumpkin with braces and a hastily fashioned ponytail and a whole suite of Lisa Frank school accessories. I don’t know if it was any one particular thing, or if it was somewhere in the concoction of a hundred details: the sound of my name in my mother’s mouth, the flash of my father’s class ring. The endless, gaping expanse of Florida pasture, flecked with windows in the night. All of the above, or maybe something else entirely, flitting beneath the surface like a fish with brilliant scales.

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by Sarah Evans

Madrid airport heaved; the screens were blank of information.

Damn it! Why now, why here, why him?

Nigel flipped his mobile phone open and brought up his home number again. ‘Marianne?’

‘Any more news?’

‘No. None at all. I’m going to find out about hotels. Doesn’t look like I’ll be back anytime soon.’

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My Life Atomic

by J. D. Petersen

I wasn’t expected to live long. Born in the shadow of a great war, it was casually assumed I would perish in the next. As such, death was in my cards from day one; not a heroic battlefield death leading a squad of crack soldiers against insurmountable odds, but very possibly at my school desk doing my sums and minding my own business.

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