Born & Bred


Stories by writers Scotty Weeks, Erika D. Price, Mary Crosbie, Monica Busch, and Kate Weinberg; performed by actors Alex C. Ferrill, Matt Alford, Olivia Killingsworth, Kristen Calgaro, and Roya Shanks. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones at KGB Bar, NYC on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015.

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by Scotty Weeks

The bar was nearly empty. There were a couple of locals shooting a game of eight-ball and a bartender counting the minutes until her shift was over. And there was Joe, sitting at the bar, regularly glancing between his phone and the door.


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Refrigerator Children

by Erika D Price

Before they had a child, they spent eighteen months hashing out several of the endless dilemmas of parenting. They wanted to have an exhaustive discussion. 

"What if it wants to shave its head?" the man said. “Or get a tattoo?"


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The Mall

by Mary Crosbie

Welcome to Grubman’s Accessories.  Is there something I can help you with?  We just got those tiny, adorable purses in today.  We have them in all colors: ecru, taupe, bloody.  Are you new?  You look new to me.  You have a fresh, new face.  I see a lot of  same-faces in here, and they get less fresh every time I see them.  

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Goose Landed

by Monica Busch

 “Ma’am, your husband was a hero,” the chubby police chief said.

            The sun was high in the sky and his badge glimmered against his matte blue jacket.

            Katie looked at him, into his sallow face beady brown eyes. The skin around them was puffy and pink, pulling away from the sockets.

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Small Town

by Kate Weinberg

There are many benefits to living in your small town.

1) Its streets are short and irrefutably well-paved.

2) When it snows, the plows come quickly.

3) The plows do not come so quickly that your son is not able, first, to build himself furniture made out of the snow, upon which he is able to kick up his feet and chat and giggle for at least fifteen solid minutes with whichever imaginary friends he chooses. 

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